Writer For Hire - $214.31


Hear ye, hear ye. In the 16 days left until the New Year, it is to be the mission of each and every one of you to find someone in need of a writer AND (this is the crucial part) is willing to pay for said writing services before the close of midnight on Sunday, December 31st.  That's right... while others are groovin' with Dick Clark watching the ball drop, I'm counting singles and twenties...

Here's the deal. Each year I set a financial goal for myself. I am--as of this writing--$214.31 short of reaching this year's goal. It's like at the end of Rocky III when Rocky and Apollo have a friendly matchup at Apollo's bidding and Apollo says,  "You beat me by one second. One second...that's very hard for a man of my intelligence to handle."  Same deal here. I'm sooooo close that it's killing me. writeratwork.jpg

Admittedly, my accounting system is somewhat warped. I only count cash collected during the year. I actually have close to $1,000 owed me in article fees but the cash for that cool grand won't arrive until January--too late to meet this year's goal (but giving me a nice leg up on next year's goal).

I may have a quick $50 project at the start of next week which inches me even CLOSER to the goal. 

I know...I'm so close that it pretty much counts. Except it doesn't.

No one ever said life was easy for a Type A. (Now go find me work...)