I Asked For It...

Be careful what you ask for or you just may get it.  Words to live by, my friends, words to live by.

You'll note in Friday's entry that I was despairing of being a mere $230 away from meeting this year's income goal and begging for work. Well, work found me. I've agreed to take on a heinous, boring, underpaying job that--and this is the only reason I've agreed to do it--will put me over my financial goal for the year.  

I'm having trouble believing that even I am such a slave to my whims.  But the timing of the job offer was perfect and the small sum will put me over the top. I've worked for this company before and they pay promptly and each week.  So I'll  devote portions of the next 2 days to the project and submit a bill on Friday.

Yes, Santa came early this year. ;)