Snow & Handmade Scarves

snow 004.jpgIt's snowing! It's snowing!  Maybe no big deal to a lot of you, but this is our first snow of the year.  I've lived in the South for almost 14 years now but am still a mid-Westerner at heart, and winter is not winter without at least one snow.  I wish we'd get a little ground coverage but I just snapped this picture a few minutes ago and already the thick wet snowflakes are turning into more of a rain. 

But I'm ready for the first snowstorm of the year with my first completed scarf!  Yes, this is "purple practice scarf," my first completed knitting project.  It's not particularly attractive, but I've been wearing it the last few days everywhere I go because, darn it, I made the thing. scarf.jpg I have a thick green/blue scarf made out of a nubby material that's almost completed as well. 

I'm doing some interviews and write up's this morning while Blair is volunteering at an agency in Eden that's helps people prepare their taxes. We're going to meet back up at 3pm and plan some VACATION time for the two of us.  We used to be religious about taking one big trip a year but it's been close to 3 years now since we've done that.  Waaay to long.  I'm thinking overseas flight, here we come.