Bookstore Diva

Back before my book was published, I dreamed of walking into a big chain bookstore and finding my book on the shelf.  And even though Lessons In Stalking has been at the Greensboro Borders for months now, I've never made the time to walk in and see it.  So today, when my friend Bernie suggested we pop into Borders, I eagerly said yes, ready to make the dream come true.

Entering the store, I wasn't sure where my book was.  I scanned the humor section and didn't see it there.  Then I saw a section that said "CATS."  Yeah, that would be me.  And sure enough, there were my 4 books, three rows from the bottom.

I immediately did what any good author would do, and that is to turn my books so the cover faced out (vs. just the spine).   That was a mistake as the shelves don't meet the back wall of the bookcase so my 4 thin books went tumbling down three rows of shelves to the floor. 

I fished them out and tried again. This time, I just placed one book facing out, leaning it against my other books.  I stood back to observe my handiwork.  Better.

I wandered over to the travel section and picked up a Fodor's guide to Great Britain. Walking back, I saw a staff member had already refiled my book so only the spine was showing.  Damn, those Border's employees are good.

So I left it.  Honestly, the experience was a bit of a dud.  It wasn't the spine-tingling thrill I thought it would be.  It was more like, "Yup, that's my book.  Looks just like the 2,000 I still have at home."  

What's been more fun is I've been visiting some local boutiques, leaving a review copy of my book.  I'm hoping Rag Poets and the Painted Daisy will both agree to carry my work.  I dropped my book off at Rag Poets on Wednesday, and came back on Thursday to return something and the young woman working the counter said, "Sharon and I were reading this book yesterday and just howling. You're hysterical."  

That's encouraging.