A Day for Dogs

I was on the phone this morning with Melody, who is designing the new web site for Spotlight Publishing (soon to be unveiled). I glanced at the clock and my blood pressure shot up.

"It's 10:45," I fumed. "The guy doing my tile told me he'd be here at 8.  I'm calling his supervisor as soon as we hang up."

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than call waiting beeped in.  "Melody, hang on," I said. "This is the tile guy."

I was much chastened when I returned.  The reason Tile Guy was late was that driving in (he lives an hour away), he noticed some puppies abandoned on the side of the road. He pulled over and this malnourished dog (SO CUTE though - he took a picture with his cell phone) came racing over, eager to be petted. The mama dog was more standoffish, but the two puppies were all over him. He had some dog biscuits in the car and the dogs just wolfed them down, like they hadn't eaten in days.  So he called Animal Control and was waiting for them to get there, which is why he wasn't at my house.

If there is ever a "all-is-forgiven" excuse in my book, this would be it.  "You're a good person," I told him.  "I'm so glad you stopped."  The cop who came out wanted to just lock the dogs in a pen that was by this semi-abandonded house where the dogs were in the front yard. The yard was littered with beer cans and the house was in ill-repair.  Tile Guy stood firm and pointed out the dogs were thin and starved and not being cared for, so the cop reluctantly agreed to take them to the area vet or pound.

When I finished relaying all this to Melody, I said, "That noise you hear is the sound of the Universe smacking me down."  Here I am all upset the guy is late when he's out doing this good deed that I wish more people would do.   

Two straight days involving stray or runaway dogs--wonder what the message is in that?