Dharma & Greg and Too Many Eggs?

I had the most frightening experience tonight.  Have you ever seen the TV sitcom called Dharma & Greg? It was cancelled I don't know how many moons ago and started Jenna Elfman as a spacy new age type woman married to a Republican lawyer.  I never watched the show while it ran. But for some reason, flipping through channels tonight, I found an episode of it and decided to watch.  And it wasn't good.  But it was a "To Be Continued..." episode and darn if the continuation didn't come on right after it.  So I watched that.  Only it was a "To Be Continued..." episode and Dharma & Greg were in a terrible car wreck so I tuned in to make sure everything was okay.  So I spent an hour and half of my precious time on this Earth watching 3 poorly written and badly acted "Dharma & Greg episodes."  Isn't there some sort of AA program for people like me with these sort of fixation addictions? Very, very frightening.

I think it was because of the eggs.  I ate way too many eggs today.  We had a dozen  plus eggs set to expire at the end of this week so yesterday I made egg salad (8 eggs) and also a salmon-cheddar bake (6 eggs).   I had some egg salad for lunch and the salmon bake for dinner.  That's a whole lotta eggs.   I still have a lot of both left over but I don't think I'll feel like eating either tomorrow.

And Blair can't eat them.  Poor guy is still sick and actually came home from the office today.  That's like a sign of the Apocalypse.  Blair is 38 and has NEVER missed a day of work.  N-E-V-E-R.  He's occasionally acquiesced to come home early if he wasn't feeling well, "early" meaning 3 or 4  in the afternoon. And he technically didn't miss work today because he left the house at 7, drove 40 minutes, managed to stay upright at his desk for about an hour, then drove home.  He's been in bed all day.  And unlike me, who is all about the pampering when I'm sick (didn't see that one coming, did you?), Blair just wants to be left alone.  Which makes it both easy and hard to care for him.

Maybe I'll roll the TV in there and see if any episode of Dharma & Greg will cheer him up.  Couldn't hurt?