Holy Cow!

Remember the Pet-A-Scopes humor column I've been asked to write for a veterinarian's magazine? I spoke to the magazine editor today who said she'd like to bring me out to Portland, Oregon for a week to meet with her, tour the campus and interact with some vets. 

Wha--??? You could have knocked me over with a feather.  Magazines are notoriously tight on budgets.  They don't like to pay authors let alone fly them out for a visit.  I'm psyched--I've never been to Portland. And this training compound sounds incredible. I just love this about life--you never, ever know where it's going to take you.  One minute I'm heating up a sweet potato in the microwave (which is beeping at me to let me know it's done) and the next minute I'm penciling in "Portland" on my daytimer. 

It's freaking me out a little bit, like I better step up my game.  I wasn't at all nervous about writing this column before but now I feel a bit intimidated--like they'll be thinking, "Hey!  We spent all this money on this woman and this drivel is what she gives us?  Off with her head!"

Luckily I work well under pressure.  Bring on the guillotine.