Countertop Chaos - Decorating Diaries

We're back with our next installment of Decorating Diaries. When we last left, Dena was gnashing her teeth over the now almost 6 months worth of delays in putting together one itty-bitty bathroom.  It's been several weeks since we last checked in with our heroine.  Let's see how she's doing:

Dena: "I am gnashing my teeth over the delays with this stupid bathroom."

There you have it, folks.  An exhilarating and entirely unexpected update on the bathroom progress.  Remember, you heard it here first.


All right, a little less sarcasm may be in order (but just barely). Some progress has been made.  The tile is done and looks stunning. We've painted the walls and trim.  I chickened out on the red walls I was planning and went with a non-descript beige color.  However, when you enter the bathroom there are built in shelves in little nooks on either side of the door and we have decided to try painting this small area red, to add a burst of color.  It's hard to tell how that will turn out. 

If you've never worked with red before, let me offer some advice.  The first coat almost always looks like cotton candy. The second coat resembles something like a bloodbath--streaks and smears make it appear you blew someone away against the wall (perhaps the contractor?). The third coat is where you'll be able to get the first inkling of whether the red you've selected is right for you, and the fourth coat is the finale. Red is a lot of work. I've only put two coats of red on in the nook so we're in the "bloodbath" period right now.  Very relaxing.

The countertops were delivered late yesterday, around 6pm.  Delivered, but not initially installed. That's because the sinks--ordered by the contractor who's made such a mess of everything else in this bathroom--were too big.  Once the granite was fitted to the cabinets, there wasn't enough room to install both the sinks and the faucets, unless I left off my backsplash.  Not an option.

So the countertop dude called his supervisor and I called the woman I ordered the sink from and then we all stood around for about 20 minutes. Finally, the woman called and said, "Just cut the backs of the sinks. That's what my other installers always do." The countertop guy hesitated b/c the sinks are porcelain and he thought they might shatter. "No, no, just cut," came the instructions. So cut he did.

Good news/bad news.  One sink made it in. The other cracked. So a new sink must now be ordered and cut and installed. I am no longer surprised by these delays. The bathroom gods hate me. counter 005.jpg

And I'm trying to retain perspective. It's a countertop. It's not like I just lost my job or am being thrown out of  my home. Aren't I fortunate that I get to worry about problems such as my new sink being cracked during installation?  How many people in the world would love to have this being the problem in their life? These are the mantras I repeat to keep calm.

And the countertop is lovely against the cabinets.  

Here's a list of what still  needs to be done:

  • Ceiling painted
  • 3rd & 4th coats of red paint in nook
  • plumbing
  • Electric --light fixtures
  • Window Treatments
  • Shower door installed
  • Hardware installed on cabinets
  • Transition put in between tile floor ending in bathroom and hardwoods beginning in bedroom
  • Decorating (bath mats, etc.)
I'd say we'll be done by next October, no problem.  Now excuse me while I go stare at my bloodbath red paint and think evil thoughts about contractors.