Half a Shower Door - Decorating Diaries

It just keeps building.  I wrote in my last Decorating Diaries entry that the bathroom gods hate me and while I wrote it at the time as a joke, I'm really starting to believe it.  I don't know what god of dung I've p---ed off, but he's out there (I'm sure it's a "he.").

Here's today's saga: I love our shower door people.  We ordered the door for our last bathroom remodel from them and they're great. They call when they say they will, show up on time, are unfailingly polite.  Lovely people. So Rodney calls me this morning and asks if they can come by at 9:30 to install the door.  Yes, great, I say, c'mon down!

He calls back 30 minutes later.  Our door had to be ordered because we wanted a burnished bronze finish which is a special order. So the door comes to the company all wrapped up. Normally they'll just bring the wrapped door to the site and unwrap and install it there. But Rodney's installer, just on a hunch, unwrapped the door to check it before they left. Turns out one half of the door is burnished bronze, but the other half is polished silver.


Like I said, this company is great and Rodney is on it. I expect I'll have a new--all burnished bronze--door installed next week. But what's going on?  NOTHING is going according to plan. Frankly, I'm almost leery of blogging about it any longer. Maybe I'm jinxing it.

I've got a good title for my next non-fiction book though: How to Remodel Your Bathroom In Less Than A Year--Maybe

Bestseller list for sure.