The Tape Recorder That Didn't Take

Observe me sitting here, calmly avoiding having a massive panic attack.  Why so calm? I think I've panicked myself into a stupor.

I conducted an hour-long phone interview Tuesday with a nationally acclaimed and VERY BUSY expert.  Got great information and sat down this morning to transcribe the interview and write the piece up.  Guess what? The cord that connects the tape recorder to the phone was only 1/2 plugged in.  So as I played the tape this morning, I found I had an hour-long tape of me saying "Uh-huh" and "okay" and complete static where there should have been the voice of the expert.

Thank you doctor.  I'm ready for my medication now.

I really don't know what I'm going to do. Try to piece together from memory the best I can and then probably have to reconduct parts of the interview. 

I read about things like this happening in books on writing. There are horror stories and warnings to test your equipment and make sure you have back-up batteries, etc.  So I always test my equipment and I always have back-up batteries on hand.  I tested my recorder right before I called and it worked fine. I must have pulled the phone and disconnected the cord while dialing and just not have noticed it.

So. I'll just sit here.  NOT panicking.  Nope.  Very calm. Actually sort of funny.

Ha. Ha. Ha.