A Rough 48 Hours

The sun is shining, we have the windows open, and I'm feeling much better. It was a rough couple of days. I've still got a touch of nausea but the worst is over. Unfortunately, I didn't quite make it through all my planned events this weekend.

I did go to Page High School with Ed to talk to two creative writing classes. That was fun and I was extremely impressed that the kids not only completed a 10-minute creative writing exercise we gave them, but that several of them volunteered to read their work aloud. And some of what was read was quite good. I'd go back again anytime.

I had planned to stay in GSO for the day until the Green Bean reading at 7:30 on Friday night, but I was so tired I decided to go home and nap for 2 hours before the event. And nap I did. I barely remember laying down before I was asleep. The cats woke me up because they wanted dinner, which is probably the only reason I didn't sleep straight through the event.

The Green Bean event was a lot of fun.  Very small turnout, but the writers who read were funny and heartfelt. The organizer of the event, Jill Yesko, read a piece about accompanying her elderly father to a doctor's appointment where "tests" such as asking him to repeat "Ruby, tulip, dollar" back in sequence to the doctor were performed to get a reading on his mental acuity. Jill talked about first feeling anxious for her father and then feeling shitty as she watched this man who had a brilliant career  struggle to please a condescending doctor over some stupid memory test. 

I barely made it through my time at the Bean. I was feeling pretty sick by the time we left (Blair came to hear me read).  I was up most of Friday night and decided around 3:30 AM there was no way I could teach my Saturday class.  I feel guilty for cancelling at the last minute, but comfort myself that the class would have been a dud if I had tried to teach it--I had zero energy and was focusing most of my energy Saturday morning on not throwing up.

Feeling much better today.  Got lots of sleep last night and am going to take it easy today. Do a little writing, go through some folders and papers that I've been ignoring for the past two weeks.

It's absolutely gorgeous here - mid 7o's today, lots of sun. The bathroom guy is supposed to come at noon to install hardware in our bathroom cabinets. Still no news on the replacement sink. Whatever...

Wishing all of you a sunny and productive and healthy Sunday.