Bad Nights Sleep

Have you ever just had a really bad nights sleep? I woke up last night almost every 30 minutes. I'd roll over and fall right back to sleep, but the damage is done.  I'm dragging this morning. I read an article in The New Yorker on the Donner Party before I went to bed. So perhaps the lesson here is that reading about cannibalism moments before sleep is not the best thing one can do to induce a peaceful slumber.

Sleepiness aside, today needs to be a day of accomplishment. I've got household tasks (drop the station wagon off as I think the brakes are about to go at any minute; make an appointment with the vet to have the cats nails trimmed; order new contact lenses), work tasks (2 humor columns due NOW,  follow-up on old work, get started on new assignments, sort through the towering mess of papers on the desk) and I have a slew of phone calls to make.

I went to yoga this morning and was deflated at how stiff and sore I am. Amazing how going just one week without exercise can set you back. If I go to class again tomorrow and Friday I'll be back in the saddle, but for now I feel very tight and unfit. I also need to find the inner resolve to get my cardio workouts going again.  That could be a challenge as sweating on a treadmill or passing out to Taebo do not sound even remotely appealing at the moment. Eating a bag of M&M's--THAT sounds appealing.

But I'll get there. I've fallen off the exercise wagon before and always manage to climb back on.  It's just a matter of making workouts non-optional. As in, no going to bed until I work out.

Yeah, maybe tomorrow.