Speed Dating

I am an excellent speed dater. The knowledge that I  discovered this fact while happily married does not deter me in the least. It's  good to know I have the skills in my back pocket, should I ever need them.

My friend Daniel Richardson invited me to set up a table and do a book signing last night for Lessons In Stalking at the speed dating event he runs through Cupid.com. I chatted with the men and women at the bar before the formal event started and when it happened that there were more women than men or more men than women, I would either offer my book for them to skim through for the five minutes they had to sit there alone, or I would sit down and chat with them to pass the time. This is how I uncovered my superior speed dating skills.

Of course, it's so much easier to speed date when the pressure is off. Since I had no interest in dating, I could be myself and I'm sure I was easier to talk to because I was married and not actually part of the event.  One guy made me laugh. "Can I ask a personal favor of you?" he said. "Do you know any single women in my age range that you think might like me?"

The problem is, I really don't know any single women in the area. "I have a friend in Cincinnati who's single," I said. "So you'd have to move."

He thought for a moment. "What does she look like?"

Aaaugh.  Although it was fun being at the event, I'm so happy to be with someone I love. The night made me appreciate what I have all the more because so many people out there are seeking that companionship.

 I sold 5 books. I made a poster that read, "If You Think Dating Is Torture, Try Owning A Cat!" which got some laughs, especially from people who had cats.  And I'm pleased with the sales. I went there with low expectations, not really knowing if I would even sell a book.

My favorite sale of the night came from a guy who said he used to date a girl with cats and he was thinking about calling her again. He decided to buy a book for her and while I signed it he said, "I'm at a speed-dating event buying a gift for an ex-girlfriend. How pathetic am I?"

Overall, it was a fun night. And beneficial. I called my single friend in Cincinnati, got her voicemail and left a message informing her that if she needed any dating advice, I was now a speed dating expert and would be happy to coach her.

I don't understand why she hasn't called back.