Book Signing A Success

Yesterday I was blessed. The weather was a beautiful and perfect 72 degrees. The book signing at Guilford Medical Supply went off without a hitch. I was the first to arrive and set up.  Then Vonna Condax arrived with her two dogs - a Border Collie and a Deerhound. I had never seen a Scottish Deerhound before and it is a beautiful dog. And big. Very, very big. Vonna's weighed 84 lbs but looked bigger because it's such a rangy dog. It unfolded itself from his crate in the back of Vonna's car and it seemed to just keep growing and growing as it stood up.  But oh-so-gentle.  It's a very sweet tempered breed.

So Vonna got her books set up, then Happy Hills Animal Foundation arrived.  They arrived with four volunteers, 2 dogs and 2 cats. The volunteers were wonderful. Very devoted animal lovers working to make life better for abandoned pets. They obviously had great love and affection for all the animals in the shelter and they sat at my book signing for 5 hours without being paid, simply on the hopes that someone would see one of their animals and want to adopt.

We think we may have found a home for Maggie, a  Chihuahua mix. A man showed great interest in her and said he would bring his wife to Happy Hills tomorrow to look at her. Everyone cross their fingers and say their prayers that Maggie finds a home.

Two cat brothers were there, Chad and Tiaro. Believe it or not, they're actually cuter than their kitten pictures on the Happy Hills site. They've grown a bit and are beautiful all black cats. Tiaro especially is full of mischief and has a full, bushy tail I spent the afternoon playing with.

Several people dropped by from my Triad Networking group just to say hello and buy a book, which I found very thoughtful and touching. And my good friends Pam & Michael Cable stopped by. Pam's new book, Southern Fried Women is out and I'll be blogging more about that soon. It's exceptional.

All in all, I got to spend a day with animals, making new friends, and enjoying beautiful weather. Life is very, very good.