Burst Pipe III

No End In Sight...


To update, our pipes burst on Saturday night and we were left without running water all day Sunday and into Monday.

Have you heard of those Indian swamis who can go into a meditative trance and will themselves to not need food or water for days? I thought I might attempt to achieve this state. I lasted three minutes and then I had a ravenous thirst and a constant need to pee.

It's funny how even mentally knowing we had no water, we couldn't train ourselves not to reach for it.  For example, I had a glass of saved water sitting by the bathroom sink to use for brushing my teeth. I saw it, I knew what it was there for, yet force of habit made me reach out and turn the faucet on and stare dumbly at it, waiting for the water to appear.

I have been shown how much I take water for granted. Want to take an asprin? No water in the sink. Gotta go hunt some down. Want to do laundry? Nope, not an option. Our dishwasher was already full when the pipe burst. Too bad, the dirty dishes will remain dirty. (I never realized how many spoons we use until the option of cleaning them was taken from me.)

I wanted to wipe the kitchen countertops off only--oops--that would use some of our valuable water reserves.  I am practicing the fine art of bladder control. We skipped showering today but tomorrow will find us heating water on the stove for an old-fashioned sink-sponge bath.

I thought I'd use my time wisely on Sunday and finish up some painting in the bathroom. Except I'd need to rinse the brushes out when I finished, so that was a no go. I read the Sunday paper and had to decide whether it was worth it to wash the newsink off my hands (it was).  The cats got bottled water in their water dish.  I didn't wear makeup because I had no way to wash it off at night.

Frankly, I'm just grateful the toilets work. We fill the tank with water after each flush. It beats running to McDonalds each time.

I just hope they can fix the pipe. One day on the weekend is like, "Ha ha. This is hard!" Once we hit the work week, it switches into "Ha, ha. I'm going to kill myself if I don't get a hot shower!"

Fingers crossed the plumber comes through.