Follow-up on Elizabeth Berg

I've had a few people ask how the luncheon where I got to meet one of my all-time favorite authors Elizabeth Berg went. I've hesitated about blogging about it because I'm not sure what to say. But here goes...

The luncheon itself was beautiful. Held at High Point Country Club, it was like walking into a big 'ol Southern mansion with all the charm implied therein. Chandeliers, terraces, cotton towels in the ladies room instead of paper towels and complimentary lotion, hairspray, and lipstick--very nice.

 Elizabeth Berg read from many of her works which I enjoyed. But that's almost all she did.  I was hoping to hear more of a talk from her about her writing and her career. So I was a bit disappointed in that.  But I did get her to sign a book and also I had long ago dissected one of her novels, Joy School, to see how a novel is put together and I brought her all my notes and she was gracious enough to sign that as well.

The weird part of the day for me was the company kept. Very high society country club women all decked out in their finest spring line with matching hats, lipstick, pearls and diamonds.  I can't put my finger on what was wrong. But there was an underlying feeling I was uncomfortable with. After ruminating on it, I think what it was is that I didn't feel most of these women were here because they were interested in authors or writing or Elizabeth Berg. I more felt like they were there simply to have someone entertain them and to be seen. Only 3 questions were asked in the Q & A session. Most of the 300+ crowd simply scattered away after the luncheon and didn't wait in line to meet Ms. Berg. "People have a lot of commitments" I was told, when I commented on this while standing in line.

There was also no common conversation such as "So what do you do?" I suspect because most of them don't work. But I was asked who my husband was and if I was kin to the so-and-so Harris' because then I might know such and such's daughter-in-law? Ick.

Again, no one was rude in any way.  It was just an odd afternoon. But I'm still glad I went. I got to spend time with my friends Pam & Judy and Pam's upcoming book, Southern Fried Women was announced at the luncheon and Elizabeth Berg told Pam she would like a copy of it, which is wonderful. 

Apparently I'm just not the high-society type. Which is fine with me.