Now They Want To Hire Me...

In the last 3 days I've had 2 potential freelance jobs and 1 speaking engagement come my way. All very exciting but a bit frantic as I send e-mails that read, "Would love the work.  Leaving the country on Saturday. Must have all details in place by then. Respond ASAP." 

Well, maybe it's not quite that bad, but it does feel rushed.

I have entered list-making mania. Daily, I create lists: "Items to remember to pack," "What to leave out for the house sitter," "Items to carry-on the plane," "People to send itineraries to," "Books/Activities to Take on Plane..." It goes on from there. I wonder what would happen if I never made a list and just winged it? I suspect 98% of what needs to get done would get done anyway.

We're having one hotel problem. The hotel we wanted in Inverness is full. They recommended another nearby hotel but it's pricey and looks stuffy so today I started a new search. I found 3 places I liked, e-mailed them all for availability and got back replies they were all  full. Perhaps we'll be camping with Nessie on the shores of Loch Ness?

Quick update: Another battle resolved, thankfully w/out a battle. We had a pleasant meeting of the minds at my Writer's Group board meeting and all came unanimously to agreement on issue we had been divided on. I think poor communication played a large part here, as it does in most "battles." 

My head is racing and I've got 3 "To Do" lists by my side. One of the items is to post blog entries. I've asked my house sitter/friend/blogger extraordinaire in her own right to publish my entry every other day. Basically, Squarespace (the host of this site) allows to hold "unpublished" blogs. So I'll have my friend go in and click the "publish" button every other day so there's something for you to read.

I jogged on the treadmill this morning and am hitting yoga class at 6:15 tonight. I feel confident one day of serious exercise will shed the excess 5 lbs I'm carrying (assuming that hunk of chocolate cake I had at lunch just disappears).