Killing Time On An Airplane

We fly from Greensboro to New York and then New York to Gatwick—a full day of travel.  I’ve been mentally compiling a list of activities to keep myself occupied during this time period. My ideas for mental and physical stimulation include:

  • Diving into the literary novel I’ve been saving for the plane
  • Working on my next Pet-a-Scopes column, due one week after our return
  • Seated Yoga Poses
  • Quiet, Inner Meditation
  • Plotting my next novel
  • Spontaneous writing on my current novel
  • Journal about my life and my progress. Am I where I want to be? What’s keeping me from my dreams? What do I need to change or be more open to?
  • Bond with my mother and my husband in the form of quiet airplane conversation, card games, shared jokes and knowing smiles.

Lovely. Now here’s how I’ll actually spend my time on the plane:

  • Sleeping
  • Watching the inflight movie, “Cheaper By The Dozen II”
  • Eating
  • Peeing
  • Reading the People magazines my Mom will most likely bring
  • Whining that I’m bored and when will we get there?
So much for self-improvement—bring on the snack cart!