Real Life Magic

Today has been such a good day I may just have to cave and go buy a lotto ticket.  Get a load of the power of goal-setting.

I sat down this morning with a blank pad of paper and began to rough out my goals for the next 6 months. I started with Financial goals, as each year I assign myself an income goal. I'm a little ahead of schedule for this year, so I was doing the math on how much more I need to earn, equals X amount I need to earn per month, etc. 

I was scribbling notes in the margin as I wrote such as, "I like focusing on big tasks, like book projects, versus a lot of little projects."  I also noted it would be nice to have another column--guaranteed income--versus having to ferret out work.  I wondered how I would meet my financial goals with no new projects on the horizon and was thinking I'd have to get busy finding new magazines to write for.

I moved on to writing goals for my products/services some of those included actively seeking out more speaking engagements, maybe doing another cat book or more humor writing, and a few others.  I wrote I'd like to do more promotion of my cat book.

So then. I put all that aside and start the work of the day. And here's where the magic comes in. In the last 4 hours,  I've:

  • Received an e-mail from an editor that she's recommended me to a UK book company seeking a humor author for a new dog book. They wrote my editor asking if she knew of anyone and she gave them my name.
  • Last year I wrote an article for the 2007 Novel & Short Stories Writer's Market - a reference book that comes out yearly. I had to contact the editor for a quick update and was invited to pitch new article ideas.
  • Received a call from a fellow pet writer and friend. She's working on a new book on cats which will pull pieces from other authors and she wants to highlight several of my stories from Lessons In Stalking, as well as another humor piece I've written. 
  • This same author is starting a radio talk show heard by 2 million listeners and wants me on as a guest.
  • And she assigned me an article to write for the magazine she edits.
  • NC Career Networking Magazine, the magazine I write for and am Associate Editor of, has been picked up by Ingrams and our little magazine is flying to distributors, including some in Vegas and California.

I feel like someone dipped me in happy glue and all the good things in the Universe are winging my way and sticking to me.

All from the power of goal-setting? Not really. I think the real power lies in the intent behind the goal-setting. We create energy and intent with our thoughts and dreams. I apparently managed to harness and aim my intent in the right direction this morning. 

I think I'll go set some goals to adopt more cats. Maybe the Universe can find a way to work around Blair and make it happen. =)