New Client

On Friday I had a woman e-mail me and ask what I would charge to help her put together a personal commercial (elevator speech) for a a new product she's selling.  In her first e-mail to me she signed only her first name.

Now, one of my lesser traits is not admitting when I don't know who someone is. I don't want to insult anyone and after a few minutes conversation or interaction I can usually place who they are. So I assumed this woman was someone I had met recently and acted accordingly. I e-mailed I'd be happy to help her and mentioned I would be in Greensboro on X day, in case she wanted to meet.

She e-mailed back that she'd prefer to call, as she was in Canada. Ha! Turns out she Googled "freelance writers" and found me that way. (Which makes me very happy that my name showed up. Although I tried the same query and gave up looking for my name after 6 pages didn't turn it up. Does Google show different results for different countries?) 

She sent me the web site for her product and this is going to be a fun assignment. We're going to talk Monday.

It's interesting. Having done just the tiniest bit of that goal-setting exercise, new work seems to be flowing to me. But that's not the interesting part. What makes me say "hmmm" is that I wrote down that I prefer to work on books and big projects and my life's dream is not to be a magazine writer. And yet, most of the work flowing to me are magazine and smaller assignments. It's a test, I'm sure.  Am I ready to put my money (literally) where my mouth is and turn down paying assignments in a field I claim I don't want in order to work for no money in a field I say I want?

 No way, baby! Bring on the cash! What am I--some sort of fool?  (Don't answer that...)  =)

Happy Sunday to everyone.
Running update: Ran for a full hour yesterday morning. Had plans to get up this morning and run again but slammed my alarm off and rolled back over for another 2 hours sleep. Two steps forward, one step back.