I'm Back!

Back from lovely Cincinnati, Ohio and 4 days spent with my best friend Trisha. We had great fun (other than the fact that we spent yesterday at the pool with her son and my skin is so fried my clothes are sticking to me). 

Friday we drove to our alma mater, Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. (My favorite T-shirt: "Miami was a University when Florida still belonged to Spain.") The campus itself doesn't change. Beautiful brick buildings, slant walk, the Upton Arch where it's said you will marry whomever you kiss under the light there. 

Uptown had changed quite a bit, with several of our favorite pubs no longer there. (A moment of revered silence, please, for Hole In The Wall and Attractions.) But enough was still the same that we felt not too far removed from our time there.

We visited our old dorm, McFarland, on South quad which is where Trisha and I met our sophomore year. Being summer, the dorms were locked. But I spied an open window at basement level and was all ready to climb through and open the door for Trisha.  Saving me from breaking and entering, however, was a staff woman who exited the dorm and agreed to wait the 5 minutes it took for us to race upstairs and visit our old rooms and the hallway where so much of life took place sophomore year.  We also ran into the bathroom and screeched at the community showers where we used to bath and which haven't changed a whit in the 15 years since we left them. (Communal showering...sounds bizarre now, doesn't it?)We visited the apartments we lived in junior and senior year then headed to Skippers for beer and the best fries in town.

We packed a lot into one weekend. More shopping then two women need ever do, LOTS of eating, no exercise, one pool party, one fine meal out, bowling with Max, having friends over, walking her ENORMOUS and perpetually shedding 70-lb Huskie (Bear), 3 Starbucks visits, 2 grocery store runs, 1 video rental, and other miscellaneous moments.  

As with any vacation, it seems like you lost double the number of days you were gone when you return. So I'm off to go through a stack of mail, miles of e-mails, and try to reorient myself to this whole "work" thing again.

Happy Monday.