Bird Feeders

I like birds. Blair likes birds. Our cats seem to enjoy our feathered friends through windows so it seemed a logical progression for us to buy a bird feeder.

We really did it for the cats. I read yet another article about entertaining indoor cats and while we draw the line at turning over a room for their own private romping room, I was willing to shell out the 20 bucks for a feeder and birdseed.  

We went out 2 weekends ago and spent a good twenty minutes comparing the features of various feeders until we came to our senses, grabbed the cheapest one and bolted. But it appears all is for naught as area birds appear to have joined forces in one massive boycott of our feeder.

I've never heard of such a thing. If I throw breadcrumbs in the backyard I have to run inside to avoid the ensuing feeding frenzy. But we have a feeder full of seed right outside our library windows and it hasn't been touched in a week. Even the squirrels avoid it. I don't know if we've personally insulted the creatures of nature or if there's simply better grub offered elsewhere, but it's hard not to feel the snub. 

And our poor kitties. There's no hours of enjoyment of watching birds outside the window as I'd envisioned. Instead it's the same old, same old.

Now it's just a battle of wills. I refuse to change the birdseed until they eat what's there.  Come winter, they'll be begging to use my feeder. So HA! Take that birdies! 

(p.s. Please tell your bird friends there's free food at the Harris house).