Jewel Day Spa Event A HUGE Success!

I had so much fun last night at the book signing. As we'd hoped, the place was packed.  Nicole (owner of Jewel Day Spa) had ordered food for 200 people and I do believe that many may have shown up. It was a beautiful if humid evening and I sold double the number of books I'd hoped to move.

There were a few fun moments. My Greensboro writer's group, the WGOT, has about 13 different subgroups and so I'm always meeting people who belong to the group whom I don't even know. One lovely woman from Novel III stopped and introduced herself and we made plans to have lunch later in the month. She asked to buy my book but when she went to pay, discovered she only had $8 on her instead of $10.  "That's okay," I said. "I know you're good for it."  I went to sign her book for her and joked, "Now I'm just going to write in here, 'You owe me two dollars.'" That got us laughing and coming up with other inscriptions. "I hope you enjoy this heavily discounted book." "I hope you don't feel guilty reading this book, realizing you still owe the author money."

I spoke with another woman who does feral cat rescue and who is fostering 19 cats in her home.  I sold her my book at wholesale price. A small reward for such magnificent work.

The other two authors there did as well if not better than me in sales. People showed up ready to buy books and many moved from table to table, buying each of our books one after the other. (We love those people. Thank you!)

A portion of my sales go to Happy Hills Animal Foundation (& oh my God, click on the Happy Hills link and look at the Adorable cat there on the home page) and Pam is donating a portion of her proceeds to the Greensboro Women's Resource Center (WRC). I didn't realize it until the end of the evening, but the company who set up the wine booth is also donating a portion of their proceeds to the WRC. So many good things happening last night.

Now I need to ready myself for our niece who arrives tonight for her weekend stay.  Getting ready will mainly involve my taking a nap, so I best get to it.

Many thanks again to everyone who made last night's event a success.