Cats & Allergies--Uh-Oh.

Being allergic to cats and having two of them we keep indoors, I'm used to having a semi-constant sniffle. But something unknown has happened the last three weeks and I am a heaving, dripping, snotty, sneezing allergic wreck of a person.

It's definitely something at home causing the problem. I'm fine when I'm in my car or out for the day. But within an hour of returning home I have to remove  my contacts because they're covered in eye gunk.  I'm blowing my nose every five minutes and half the time I sound like Mushmouth from the old Fat Albert show because I'm talking through my stuffed up nose.  My eyes stay raw and red-rimmed from my rubbing them so much and I wake up every 30 minutes at night with dry mouth because I'm breathing through my mouth instead of my nose.

We're not doing anything different - no new washing detergent or plants or anything like that. We're not cleaning quite as often as we used to, so that probably contributes as does the constant rain we've been  having ("mold" is one of  my strongest allergies). But I have to face facts that it's the cats who are making me miserable.

Not that I intend to do anything about that other than suck it up and take it. I am trying to get better about washing my hands after I touch a cat.  (So now I'm washing my hands about 80 times/day. ) But I'm pretty much taking the road of "maybe if I ignore it, it will go away on it's own."

Give up my cats? NEVER!  I'll explode first.