Internet On the Fritz

Apologies for the delay between postings.  The cable connection to our Internet is giving us trouble and I haven't been able to log on all weekend. It's up now but we've got a service technician coming out tomorrow to look at it.

Not a terribly exciting weekend to report on anyway. It rained most of Saturday and Blair and I holed up in the house. We made the mistake Friday night of thinking we would watch "just a portion" of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We put the first movie in and now we're hooked. We spent Saturday watching the 2nd movie and watched half of the third movie last night. I expect we'll wrap it up tonight and be able to move on with our lives once again.

We also cooked all weekend. Four years ago (I kid you not, it's been 4 years) my sister gave me a recipe for Shrimp  Fettuccini Alfredo with Mushrooms. We finally got around to making it Saturday night and it was delicious. We made glazed ginger salmon for lunch on Sunday and grilled scallops for dinner. We are fish-ed out for the week but very proud of our cooking efforts for the weekend.

I have so much stuff coming up I don't know which way is up. I've got a radio interview this Wednesday (local AM station), a seminar Thursday morning, a workshop all day Saturday, next Tuesday I start an 8-week Dale Carnegie course, a speech with my friend Pam at the Fall NC NOW seminar on the 26th, a 20-minute speech for Toastmasters on the 30th that I have no idea what I will speak on and then I'm gone the 1st - the 8th at a writer's retreat in the mountains (more on that later). In between there I have meetings, critique groups, and--oh yeah--work. It's good, as I like a busy schedule. But this morning as I face my desk I feel like I should take a deep, deep breath because who knows when I'll come up for air?

I hope everyone is having a productive Monday!