And the Work Comes Pouring In...

I don't know what magic make-the-work-appear fountain I drank from but dang, it's done the trick.

Literally on Monday I remarked to Blair that, ho-hum, work was slow for me and I didn't have much on the horizon. WARNING: Never let the work gods hear you say this as they consider it a challenge.  48 hours later and AACK!--I'm trying to figure out how in the heck I'm going to get all this work done.

My radio interview this morning was GREAT fun. Jay Stephens was the perfect host, putting author Gail Langley and me at ease and Gail was the perfect co-guest--fun, informative and her fiction was a good balance for my humorous non-fiction. The station manager asked for my card as I was leaving and he left me a voice mail that he'd like to explore the possibility of my joining the Community Accents team with an occasional show of my own. Cool!  (NOTE: No longer is this a tiny AM station with limited range. Now it's a major broadcasting opportunity for me. Changes in perspective are such fun--it's a miracle I don't get whiplash). Anyone who knows me know I can talk the ear off an elephant so I can't wait to see what Mike has in mind for a possible show.

Other work that's come in includes a 10,000 word article with an extremely tight deadline, a new Message on Hold assignment, a web site rewrite (big project), and a former editor called about a new weekly publication that he's interested in having me either write for or write a column for.  I'm also trying to cram in two big assignments due by the end of the month. It's like, did I blink or something? Where did the ho-hum go?

I love it though. Thrive on the chaos. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go practice my radio voice.  ;)