I'm in limbo this week. At the end of last week I had three different people contact me and tell me to "get ready" as each had a "rush" project they needed my help with. 

Money, money, money! I completed my other work and now I sit, hands poised over my keyboard, waiting for the "Go" signal. But the phone remains silent and no e-mails appear. Where is the work?

That's the nature of freelancing. Sometimes the promised work comes in, sometimes it doesn't.  I remain confident these three projects will materialize and I'm willing to bet they'll show up on the same day with almost identical deadlines. Never say the Universe doesn't have a sense of humor. But that's okay. While I don't necessarily like working under pressure, I thrive on it. Put an emergency in front of me and I am on it. It's when I have 5 weeks to complete a project and feel no sense of urgency that I lollygag around and do less than my best work.

They're fun projects too, fun meaning different. One is editing web site content for a local business, one is editing an inspirational book and one is writing "message on hold" phone text for a vet.

Meanwhile, I'm working on my public speaking book, writing some really bad picture book text (but I'm having fun with it) and setting up interviews for upcoming articles. Yesterday, for the first time in the 3 years I've been freelancing, I had someone decline an interview with me. I'd e-mailed a jewelry workshop teacher in NY and he very politely said he would prefer to pass on the interview. Well! My curious (read: nosy) nature makes me wonder why he passed but no harm done. I e-mailed someone else and now wait to hear back.

It's 98 degrees here today with a heat index of 105. Our AC at home can't keep up and upstairs it's reading 88 degrees and 77 downstairs. At least we have AC.  I can't imagine withstanding this heat without it.

Everyone keep cool.