No Time for Writer's Block

Someone asked me today if I ever get writer's block when working on articles. The answer is no--at least, not yet. Article writing is a lot like any other job. If it has to be done, it has to be done and there's no time to be "blocked."

Now certainly I have articles that come to me easier than others. In fact, I'm working on a marketing column and yesterday before I even wrote the first sentence, I was stuck. That's because my idea wasn't fully thought out and--the kiss of death--I was less than excited to write about the topic. I thought the topic was a snore which almost always will comes across in the writing.

This article is due in less than a week. So I called a friend yesterday and after ascertaining she was willing to take a break from her workday, begged her to brainstorm with me.  That's usually the best way to break through any "writer's block." I talked with my friend about 10 minutes and near the end of the conversation a way to restructure the article came to me. I'm  much more excited about the new format and will rough out the article today.

I think that's the secret of most writers. We don't actually figure stuff out for ourselves. Instead, we bounce ideas off friends and associates and take their knowledge and claim it as our own.

So today will be spent writing a marketing article. No time to be blocked.