Please DO Squeeze the Charmin!

squeezecharmin.jpgNo, this lovely white cat is not being strangled--it's receiving a neck rub. Welcome Charmin, my mom's new cat!

I inherited my love of cats from my mother and it is from her that I learned how to give a high-pitched squeal capable of being heard only (ironically enough) by dogs each and every time I see a cat. 

Mom has been thinking about getting a cat for awhile. Then this past Monday she had a dream about a white cat.  The next day she found Charmin, a shelter cat, who was at his FIRST day at the shelter.  It was a love meant to be.

Jake Pictures 076.jpgHere's mom's high maintenance Maltese, Bailey, checking out the competition. Neither seems too disturbed by the other, which is a good sign. Fric and Frac is what I think. 

Apparently Charmin--who is about 5 years old--rolls on his back for bellyrubs at the drop of a hat. He must have come from a very loving home. We wonder if someone lost him or had to give him up. HeJake Pictures 073.jpg didn't have a microchip but does now. (TIP: Microchip ALL your animals, including your indoor pets. Suppose there's a fire and your indoor cat escapes. How will you find her in a shelter if she's picked up?) 

So again, a warm kitty hello to Charmin. I foresee much squeezing in her future.