Knocked Off My Pedastal (again...)

I had a good run of it. I refer to my earlier blog entry about starting off the New Year with a perfect record: perfect eating habits, perfect personal grooming, perfect exercise habits...  I made a good show.

Of course, that's  all in the crapper now. I made it until day 10, when I decided I'd rather eat Chinese out with Blair versus workout and it's been a downhill slide from there. I didn't exercise Friday or Saturday AND pretty much ate whatever came in my path during those two days. As we speak, I am preparing to head next door to our neighbors for their post holiday party of coffee and desserts.  Rick is a semi-gourmet chef and does amazing things with chocolate. Yippee!

I have some mental block that once I slide off the perfection scale, I have no desire to get back on until the next January 2nd rolls around.  Oh, I'll still exercise and semi-watch what I eat. But I did SO GREAT during the first 10 days. Being perfect in exercise and diet spilled over into all areas of my life and I was perfect about everything. Clothes in the dryer? No procrastination from perfect woman! Let's get those undies folded and put away... work to be done? Let's tackle it head-on and not tell ourself we'll feel more like working on it in the the morning.  And so on...

But now... sigh. I'm going to wear large pants to the party so I have room to stuff myself with cake and the only concession I'll make to eating so late at night is that I'll request decaf coffee.

Here's hoping your New Years resolutions are still a go. Don't let me bring you down... ;)