If I Could Have But One Wish...

stray1.jpg...I would wish to call this little kitty mine.  Instead, I think it's a neighborhood stray. I periodically find her hiding under our next door neighbor's car. Which is what happened the day I snapped this picture. I looked out my kitchen window and saw her huddled beneath the wheel, so I scurried to put on my coat and take her some food and water.

She backed even further under the car when she saw me, but dashed out when I tossed some kibbles her way. I kept tossing them a shorter and shorter distance until she was almost to me and then she seemed to realize what was happening and went back under the car. I think I could have coaxed her out to pet her, but I was more concerned with her being fed. So I left the food and came inside. The photo here is taken from  our kitchen window.

The picture doesn't do kitty justice. This is one CUTE cat. I'd guess 3 months old, HUGE round eyes and ears that almost lay back like a Scottish Folds. She's got gray-brown fur on pure white and is just freakin' adorable.

I want her. I really, really do. I even gave serious consideration to staging a major crying jag in front of Blair in the hopes of weakening his "we will never get a third cat" stance.  But I know I can't. My allergies already act up with the two beasts we have now. Still... my heart aches for her.

We got our first 15-minute snowfall today and I kept my eyes peeled for kitty, ready to race out with food and blankets if I saw her.  No sign yet, but I'm still looking.

Maybe we could have an outdoor cat....?