TA-DA! Today marks the formal unveiling of my revised website. Please visit www.denaharris.com and send me your comments or suggestions--either here or by e-mail. And send your praise to my web site designer, Melody Watson. Melody is the uber web site maven. As a testament to her patience with me, at one point she was e-mailing me messages that read, "Go to www.denaharris.com/test#77."  And she did it with a smile and no hint that I was most likely driving her to drink.

I had to lose my maniac kitty-cat logo on the site, but he'll still be hanging around on this blog.  The only thing not up and running on the site is the Press Kit area and that's because I've procrastinated on it beyond all reasonable time limits. That's part of this week's work--to bring that together.

If you find typos, PLEASE let me know. I've looked at the site so much I actually launched it with the word "Corporate" in the heading spelled as "Corpoate." Oops. 

I feel like I have a fresh start. Not only do I have a new website, I spent 5 (count 'em, 5) hours yesterday purging my file drawers. I hauled 3 1/2 hefty bags of trash to the curb, gathered over 1000 sheets of paper to be recycled (i.e., I'll use them to print on the blank side) and salvaged about 50 file folders. My office must be a good 20 pounds lighter and it feels awesome. (Although last night when Blair asked me how my day was and I triumphantly told him of my purging success, his response was "So you didn't do anything today that would actually earn money?" Party-pooper.)

No excuse not to work now. On the agenda: a press release, arranging time for an interview with the president of the largest tilapia-producing fish-farm in the nation (envy me), doing prep work for a 35-minute keynote speech I'm delivering to an ABWA dinner meeting next week, AND working on my press kit.


A quick shout out to my friend Trisha who stayed up until 1 AM, completing a 1,000-piece puzzle she and her son started after Christmas. With eyes drooping and head pounding, she stayed at her post until the last piece was put together.  Trisha, darling...seek help.