What's In Your Week?

I love the variety life has to offer. Paging through my daytimer (I'm one of the last hold outs against a Blackberry --I need to see my month-at-a-glance), I note that this morning I'm heading out to the largest tilapia producing farm in the nation which happens to be about 30 minutes from my front door. I'll interview the president, chit-chat about shrimp research and tilapia, snap a few photos, come home and write the piece up. Fish farm. Great way to kick off a Monday.

Then it's off to the vet where I must admit my cat-nabbing tendencies and have the micro-chip information changed from my name to my neighbors. (That ought to be good for 20 minutes worth of embarrassment. Did I mention the neighbor I stole the cat from is a cop?)

Tomorrow is a Greensboro Merchants Association new member breakfast, followed by a meeting with my website designer to go over last minute web site fluffs, then a noon social/work meeting with writer friends.

This week I'm working on an article about personal branding for an executive placement firm, a press release for a faux design studio, and--if I'm smart--starting work on a 35-minute keynote speech I'm delivering next Tuesday which I haven't looked at yet. I'm also trying to get an editor to respond to my e-mails. Last month I sent her a list of column ideas for 2007 and have heard nothing. So I've no idea if they love them and so see no urgent need to contact me as my writing on any of those topics will be fine, or if they are up late at night, thumbing through roladexes, desperate to find my replacement before the next column is due. Frankly, either one is fine, just let me know, okay?

 Yikes. Time for me to gather the tools of the journalistic trade (paper, pen, digital camera, back-up battery for digital camera, mapquest directions, cell phone, and of course, lipstick) and head out the door. The fishes are calling my name.