Quick! Need Your Input

I need new business cards designed and printed to reflect the upgrades to my web site.  Here are ideas I have for how to structure the cards but graphic design is not my gift, so please everyone let me know what you think.

My thoughts are these:


Simply has "Dena Harris ...write for you" in the format seen in the main header on my website. Question: Should the background for this side of the card be a solid color (and if so, what color?) or should I try to replicate the faded text that is the background on my web site?


 This side has all the contact info - phone, fax, e-mail. I want my web site address to stand out. I also think it would be nice to either:

  • repeat the "Dena Harris...write for you" logo
  • Or, include a line like, "Fast, Reliable Feature Article & Corporate Writing"
  • Or it could read "Feature Articles & Corporate Writing"
I've already contacted a printer for a quote for a 4-color, 2-sided, quality stock card. I expect them to get back with me soon and I'll need to provide guidance for card layout. Your thoughts?