Under Attack

My blog is under attack. From spammers. Viagra, male enhancement enlargers, diet pills, drugs... you name it and it's been posted to my blog.

Most of you won't see this as the way the spammers work is to add posts to old entries. However, I have my system set up so any comment posted anywhere on my blog immediately appears in my e-mail.  This morning there were 17 spam entries waiting to greet me. I deleted them and three hours later, there were 8 more.

I wonder if there is any "vengeful" posting going on? I received a couple of spam posts this weekend, found the IP address and banned the address. (Meaning people with this computer address are no longer permitted on my site.) It was after I banned a couple of addresses that the flood of spam appeared. Have I angered the spam people or is it just a coincidence?

For now, it's a battle of wills. It doesn't take but a minute to log on and delete all the spam posts. But it's annoying to have them clogging my e-mail. I experienced a similar problem a few months ago. It died out on its own so hopefully that's what will happen here.

Deer stands, spam... we're all so intrusive on one another's lives, don't you think?