Christmas Card Lethargy

I have a bit of the bah-humbug spirit about me. That's why the day after Thanksgiving used to be my "I'll deal with Christmas today and today only" day. We would get up at 4 AM to hit the early bird sales and be home by 10 to set up the tree and decorate the house. I'd wrap presents in the early afternoon and spend the rest of the day addressing holiday cards to be mailed out on the first of December.  In short, I never had to go near a mall or store for the entire month of December and could enjoy the holidays pretty close to stress free.

Things have changed. We still hit the early bird specials this year, but we left the house at 5 instead of 4, and took a coffee/bagel break around 9:30 and didn't get home until almost noon. We put the tree up on Saturday and got the house ready, but I haven't even thought about addressing cards. I think I'm feeling ambivalent about the cost, what with the price of stamps and all. Plus, I'd like to include my marathon results in my holiday letter, so what's the point of getting them ready early?

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but we hit the after Thanksgiving sales for things we needed and so I haven't bought a single gift. (We only buy for our niece and nephews though, so one visit to a Toys-R-Us usually does the trick.) So it appears that this year I may have to enter the holiday season like a normal person would. So far it hasn't been too bad. My workload has finally slowed, so I feel like there is room to breath and maneuver. And so what if my card isn't the first one out the door. Who's keeping track anyway?

Not me.