Choosing A Daytimer for the New Year

I am a "month-at-a-glance" woman. Have been since college. Given that I am not an overly social human being, I like being able to open my calendar and see where events lie for the month in order not to crowd my schedule with back-to-back events, if at all avoidable.

However, this means I cart around what is almost a full 8 1/2 x 11 inch wirebound appointment calendar.  It's fine to slip into my computer bag, but doesn't fit into a purse or glove compartment.

So this is the year. Yesterday Blair and I were at Office Depot and I took a deep breath and made the leap. I am now officially a "week-at-a-glance" gal. My new daytimer is the size of a small flip notebook and slips easily into my purse.  I spent the morning entering information (how can my April weekends already be filled?) and have to admit, I felt a bit of anxiety.  It's so small.  I'm hoping the appeal will kick in sooner rather than later.

And no, I am not an electronic schedule keeper. Friends have let me play with the schedule function on their Blackberry's and I find them heinous. All that having to click on a day to enlarge the appointment to see what you've written about it and scrolling back and forth on days... forget it.  The convenience factor escapes me.  But in all fairness, I'm about as far away from "techie" as a person can get.

So I'm hoping the 30 minutes I spent holding first one weekly daytime and then another before making my choice was time well spent.  Could open a whole new world from me. Three years from now, I may even be ready to make the leap to "day-at-a-glance."

'Cause that's the wild kind of woman I am.