Fish for Christmas?

Blair and I are sitting at the table, eating, the other night. The cats are milling around our ankles. Blair leans over the edge of the table to look at them, looks at me, looks at them, then raises a conspiratorial eyebrow. He mouths the words, "I'm thinking of getting them an aquarium for Christmas." He nods significantly.

I look back at him. "Do you mean F-I-S-H?" I ask. He grins.

Who says having cats isn't like having kids?

Yes, we are back on the fish kick. For those of you who missed exciting round one of our fish drama, click here. Although we appreciate the input, we have decided that those of you who have had fish have absolutely no idea what you're talking about while we--who have never owned so much as a tadpole--know a great deal more than you because we have visited some sites on the internet. So there.

Blair, however, is determined we won't rush in and get excited and buy just anything and he is--and I say this with nothing but love in my heart--driving me freakin' crazy.

He is insisting I visit Aquamain today in Greensboro. Never mind that he was just there yesterday.

"I don't understand. Why do I have to go too?" I asked.

"Because that way you can look at what I've been looking at and see if you agree or disagree with what I think would work."

"Why can't I just do that when we visit the place together to buy the stuff?" There is the smallest hint of whine in my voice.

Blair looks crestfallen. "You don't want to go see the fish?"

Why does he have to be so cute? Because truth be told, no, I don't want to visit the fish. Like everything else I crave in life, I want the tank to magically appear, be set up, filled, and activated with little to no effort on my part. We've been together 15 years. Why is this part of my personality so difficult to understand?

But he has worked his Blair magic on me, so off I go today to interrogate some unsuspecting fishman who has no idea, has he hauls himself out of bed this morning, what client nightmare will show up at 3pm.

Okay. That part is kinda fun....