Here Be Fish

fish%20002.jpgLook at our new babies! Aren't they sweet? Yes, I have crossed over to the fish side. We brought our four Serpa Tetra home on Christmas Eve. Blair taped Christmas paper over the glass windows leading into the library so the cats wouldn't be able to see the fish before "Santa" brought them. We have great video of Olivia on Christmas morning staring at the tank, mesmerized.

We only have the four small fish for now. You have to start off with a few hardy fish to stabilize the tank. In about two weeks, we'll add a few more tetras and then a few weeks after that we'll get 1 or 2 larger fish--something along the lines of an Angelfish, perhaps. We'll also be adding more plants.

fish%20001.jpgWe are lovin' the fish! It's soothing to sit and just watch them dart about. And even with just the four of them, they tend to school around the tank, which is fun.  I am in charge of feeding them. The guy at the fish store said to give them "a pinch" of food daily. That leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Is his pinch the same as my pinch? So now I worry I'm either starving or overfeeding the fish, depending on which way my mood swings.

No fish smell yet, which is good. That could diminish the fish love fest I currently have going on. But so far, totally digging the fish.