Lost Cat

Just got a phone call from my neighbor, the cop. The same neighbor whose cat I took twice--once by accident and once on purpose. The conversation went like this:

Him: "Hi, Dena."

Me: "Hi. What's up?"

Him: "Oh, just lookin' for my cat."

Me: "Ha ha! It's not me! For once, it's not me! I don't have your cat--whoo-hoo!" I did a small victory dance before realizing that my not having the cat, while a victory for me, also meant my neighbor's cat was still missing.

He's been gone for about a day. Usually he's either in his box or comes running when its dinner/breakfast time. I hope he's okay. It's cold but sunny here today so maybe he's just out prowling. I'll probably throw my coat on at some point and walk around a little bit, looking for him.

Everyone please keep your fingers crossed Snowball is just out doing the normal cat thing, which involves making people worry while they have fun.