Snowball--Alive & Well

Just a quick update on Snowball. I looked out my kitchen window yesterday and was thrilled to see Snowball race out from under a car alongside a gust of wind, pouncing on leaves. I haven't talked to my neighbor so I don't know where the little fella got off to, but I'm glad he's back.

SWAMPED with work. Article due today, revisions based on editor's request to another article, and new last-minute assignment where I have to track someone down for an interview. Add in an 11:20 vet appointment for the cats (nails and microchipping) and a 4 PM meeting in Greensboro where the readers for my public speaking book are sitting down to give me their feedback, and it's a full day. Oh, and I'm also judging entries for an Oklahoma humor contest. I thought there were 41 total entries and went through what I thought was half of the entries this weekend. Dial that back to 1/3. I just discovered the entries were shipped out of order and there are actually 62 of them. Ack! Might be nice if I managed to exercise at some point today as well...

Happy Monday.