5 Nice Things That Happened to Me Yesterday

It's important to recognize the daily small good things in life. To that end, here's my off-the-top-of-my-head list of nice things that occurred in my life yesterday:

  1. My tabby cat Olivia woke me up with a vibrating paw massage on my back.
  2. I met my friend Melody at my satellite office (aka "Panera") to hand off some paperwork.  Melody was in a rush but when I asked if she had time to sit, she said, "I will for a minute, just to have that time in your presence." It might sound cheesy or off-the-cuff from someone else but Melody is sincere when she makes comments like that and it's flattering.
  3. I took a pair of jeans into an alterations shop to be hemmed (just under 5'5" does that to you). I happened to be wearing a new wrap top that gapped every time I moved my arms. The seamstress added a snap to the front of the blouse on the spot while I waited--and didn't charge me.
  4. I was a guest last night at a women's think tank group where I met a small circle of interesting, dynamic women.
  5. Someone asked me if I'd lost weight. (No, but God bless you for asking).

Here's hoping nice things happen to you all day today.