Makeup at 75% Discount!

It really doesn't take much to make me happy. Today we were at CVS (Blair, aka "Coupon King," decided we needed to stock up on something like 80 rolls of toilet paper and 20 boxes of Kleenex--tissue, anyone?) and I wandered into the makeup aisle. I'm not typically one for buying makeup. I own mascara bottles that probably have new and undiscovered forms of bacteria residing in them. But I like to look at the products and pretend I know what to do with them, so off I went.

Well, call it Christmas in February folks because half the makeup was labelled 50% off and the other half--oh, oh, catch me before I faint--was 75%.  Can you say bonazi?

Blair found me twenty minutes later, huddled on the tile floor among mounds of "mocha almond glaze" for eyes and "lucious luminenscent lipstick," also, oddly enough, in mocha almond glaze. 

"Right," he said looking at me. "I'll just be over in the asprin aisle until you're ready to go."

I came to my senses and whittled my horde down to two lipsticks, 1 super cool eye-color thingee where you put it on dry for a daytime effect and wet for a metallic night look (I have no where I currently need to wear a wet, metallic eyeshadow look to, but one never knows), and a clear base nailcoat--all for the low, low price of $13.12.  Happy Day!

My fun continued when we returned to the car and our errands. I ripped open the new lipstick. "How does this look on me?" I asked.

"Great," said Blair. It was true. The color looked smashing. Bonus. There's nothing worse than buying new makeup only to discover it makes you look like Elizabeth Taylor during the fat years.

I pulled down the visor and applied eyeshadow--also stunning.

I'm telling you--we women never outgrow our little girl enamorment of makeup. Having new stuff out of the box is like sneaking into your mom's stash, trying everything on at once and then leaving her room with powder and rouge dripping off your 5-year-old face and hoping she won't notice.

I'm off to a superbowl party in my new mocha almond glaze lips and eyes.  If the Colts win, I think I'll go all out tomorrow in celebration and wear the eyeshadow in wet metallic.

I'm pulling for ya, fellas.