New Nemesis

Batman had the Joker... Popeye had Brutus... and Kirk had Kahn. Bitter enemies, each, until the end.

I too, have my nemesis. Not a sole proprietor, but rather an ever growing army of evil. I call this nemesis... Demon Squirrels From Hell.

And now they have company.

It appears the chipmunks have joined their ranks. Remember the clawing and shuffling in the vent tunnels last week? The exterminator guy said it looked like chipmunks had got in there. "I don't like 'em," he said, then put enough poison out to kill a small cow. (For the record, I was unaware of this. I thought he just hadn't showed but turned out he came 'round the house last week after all and did an outside inspection and left the bait then.)

So... the chipmunks want to fight me as well? Bring it on.  I'll never admit defeat. Do you hear me? Never!!

I am so going to build myself a cat cave from which I'll fight the forces of evil. And if I can get a cool car and a butler named Alfred and a billionaire playgirl secret identity in the deal, so much the better.

Some of us were born to be heroes.