Staying Up Past 10 PM Is Never A Good Idea

Staying up past 10 PM is never a good idea... if you're one of those people, such as myself, who is used to being in bed by 10 and getting up around 6. In a desperate attempt to finish viewing the A&E movie Pride & Prejudice (one my all-time favorites), I lay awake on the couch until 12:22 AM last night, trying to finish it.

My attempts were in vain. With less than 30 minutes to go, I found myself falling asleep and dragged myself to the bed where I promptly passed out.

Imagine how ticked I was this morning when I forced myself up for yoga class, only to find the instructor a no-show. Deciding not to make a waste of the day, I came home (finished watching my movie), then did my own yoga routine and a tempo run on the treadmill. (I had some seriously scary bed head that I'm willing to share with my yoga mates, but which might have scared the general public into an unnecessary panic had I taken to the streets.)

Proud of myself for seizing the day, I showered, applied fresh makeup, sprayed my hair... and went back to bed for almost 3 hours.

Now I'm awake, but groggy with a slight headache and my body feels like dead weight. In fact, I actually feel like I'm suffering from a hangover which is totally unfair, as I had none of the fun that comes before it.

This is what happens when my schedule gets turned around. I'm just a total waste.

Blair is perhaps suffering the same as me. He's at work all day today, but he was up later than I was, playing Diablo. Something about if he quit the screen, he'd have to start all over at the beginning. So he kept at it until he killed Diablo. Every so often I'd stand at the foot of the stairs and call up sentences like, "Have you killed the toad people yet, honey? Coming to bed soon...?"

I'm thinking bed tonight at 9 and up tomorrow at 5 - back on track and, hopefully, no more being useless...