Quick Recap

So much to blog about, so little time. It's 6:13 AM and I'm already late for my day. How did that happen?? Probably because I arrived home at 7:30 last night and convinced myself all the work due would be better met if I hit it fresh in the morning. I'm a sucker for a good excuse...

Anyway, with apologize for the lack of thrill, drama, or probably even proper use of grammar, here's a quick recap of life:

  • Jogged 6 miles yesterday in the rain and felt mah-vah-lous.  Looks like Kay and I are a fit as running partners and I like her very much.
  • Work is pouring in at an unprecedented rate. Or, rather, I should say the possibilities of work are pouring in. I have several new client meetings today and a stack of referrals/leads to follow up on.
  • Books? What books...?
  • I barely see Blair. He got home a little before midnight last night and left by 5:30 AM today. I miss the guy.
  • Log cabin designer from California is coming to see us in May to sketch out plans for the dream cabin. Whoppee!
  • I'm in a speech contest on Saturday. Luckily, it's impromptu speaking and I don't have to prepare...
  • More people than I realized read my blog, as all day yesterday I was asked if it was a granny-panty day. Perhaps I shared too much? =)
  • I have GOT to get out to see my sister's baby!
  • We're going to the Netherlands for a quick trip next month. Remember...what happens in the Red Light District, stays in the Red Light District.

I'm late, late, late...