Speaker of the Week

This is a week of speaking engagements for me. Tomorrow morning a fellow writer friend and myself are speaking to a creative writing class at a local high school about what it's like to be "real" writers. We did this last year and it was fun. The first question the kids ask is always, "How much do you make?" That opens the door nicely to the whole, "Being a writer is more about following your passion than it is about money..." speech. I.e., keep studying and aim for med-school, little Johnny.

I'm presenting my "Niche Your Pitch" workshop to a women's business group during a Thursday luncheon, and then I have a 2-hour private client presentation to make immediately following that. Talking, talking, talking...

Have I mentioned I'm taking a writing course? It's "Lessons in Voice" and consists of three Tuesday night classes. Tonight will be our second class. I very much enjoyed the first. It's been awhile since I've been a participant in a writing course and I'd forgotten the joys associated with it. No real reason for taking the course, other than I felt like doing some writing for FUN and not just because I had a deadline attached to it.  Plus, it focuses on fiction writing--a luxury I rarely allow myself anymore.

I'm reluctant to leave today's blog without at least a mention of the tragedy at VA Tech. I didn't even know about it until 5 o'clock yesterday when I finally turned on the TV. Shocking... heartbreaking... isn't there enough violence out there without it coming to what should be a safe and secure environment for young adults on the cusp of their lives?  Just shattering... I'm sure we're in for many more heart wrenching details to come.