Niece or Nephew On the Way!!!

Just received a phone call from my mom. My sister's water broke last night at 11 and she's been in labor for over 7 hours now. This is baby #2 for her. My nephew Jake is 3. My mom went over last night to stay with him and explained to him this morning that Mommy and Daddy were at the hospital, getting the baby out of Mommy's stomach. He's very excited.

She's early. Her due date was the 13th. Too bad she missed having an April Fool's baby. =) In fact, when she came out of the bathroom and told her husband her water had broke he looked at her and asked, "For real, or is this an April fool's joke?"

Place your bets on the baby's sex. This time around they chose not to find out ahead of time. Although I really want her to have a girl, I'm feeling boy. Mom thinks it's a girl.

Going to be hard to get work done today. I'm pouncing on the phone every time it rings.