Table Topics Contest This Evening

Everyone wish me luck! This weekend is our Districts annual Spring Conference, being held in Charlotte. The Table Topics (impromptu speaking) contest I'm participating in is tonight at 6:30. I'm driving down with a friend and we're coming home after the contest.

The great thing about impromptu speaking is that there's not a lot of prep work. I might try to memorize a few all purpose quotes later today, but even that's iffy. I'm not really a quote-spouting type person. I much prefer to use humor. However, not every question lends itself to humor, especially at the higher levels of competition where it seems the questions always focus more on "What 3 things would you change about today's school system?" or "In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, what can be done to reach out earlier to troubled teens?" type topics.

This is the last level of competition so win or lose, it ends today. Blair offered to attend the contest but I think having him there would be the one thing that would make me nervous, so he's staying home and just sending me good thoughts, as I know all of you are.

Pray for a question that allows a funny answer. =) - Dena