PC versus Mac

After copious amounts of discussion and Blair having to restrain me from ripping our computer off the desk and tossing it out our upper story window, we think we're ready to make the leap from PC to Mac. I say "think," because I'm hoping everyone here will weigh in with their opinion. We thought getting fish was a good idea too, until you all scared the crap out of us with your replies.

Frankly, I have HAD IT with rebooting this stupid computer up to three times a day. Wonky things go wrong every day, turning what should be 5 minute tasks into 2 hour-long periods of frustration.

I had someone out a couple months ago who said our PC was in good shape, so I don't know what the problem is. All I know is that Mac people seem to lead a happier existence.

So bring it on--pro's/con's of life with PC or Macs. I need to hear from you.